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“Massage the History: Historical Testimonies and Artistic Practice” at iset, Athens


Here's wishing we could massage History, history Sonic Youth

By decontextualising verses, words, images and sounds we create new contents. We generate conceptual contexts which appear —arbitrarily— as authentic and representativeof the original context. Meaning is constructed through the fragment and its transposition,citation or juxtaposition. In what way do the syntheses and clashes produce this meaning?How does the fragmentary give meaning to the constructed whole?Here the “entirety” of History is critically approached. Using the exhibition facilities of theGreek Art Institute, the exhibition “Massage the History” plays with the element of memory,of personal record, in relation to the major narratives. It explores the ways in which thehistorical narrative constructs the mainstream perception of reality while seeking ways toundermine it.The artists explore new methods of perceiving and narrating History. They are called upon torevisit the context in which we perceive the fait accompli, the historical event and its record.They demonstrate the contingency, the multiplicity, the voids, the space between events,the experience of the historical moment, the subjectivity of perception and the process ofrecording as a process within History. The space of the Institute’s archive is turned into aspace for the presentation of alternative archives, personal records as well as of abstractedinformation as part of a quest for new models of existence.

Participating artists: Rania Bellou, Pavlos Nikolakopoulos, Antonis Pittas and Allyson Vieira.